Open Letter to XT/XT II Members

Posted on August 27, 2018

To XT Members (XT and XT II),

By now all of you should know that I quit XT/XT II this past weekend. I made a brief statement on Discord to announce my departure. Some of you know a few of the reasons why I quit, but some of you may not. To understand why I made the decision that I did, you need to know the background of the XTerminators in ML. How it started. My vision for this Team. Where I wanted to take it. Where it ended up going. Lastly, why I decided to dissolve it, instead of handing Leadership to someone else to continue.

I created XT in ML back in 2017 with four original Members. Xackman (my son), LifeGoesOn, Super Dave (his dad), and myself.  We all came from a team called Sleyez. A “noob” team so to speak as it was newly formed when we joined. Due to the Lead not being too active in making personnel changes (i.e. kicking inactive), the four of us decided we were better off in a different team. LifeGoesOn and I agreed, instead of joining another team, to create a team on our own so we can form and shape it the way we wanted. Thus, in May of 2107 I created the XTerminators.

Having 4 people in team, we had a head start. We only needed 6 more to start a war. Of course that was easier said than done. We found out quickly how difficult it was to recruit good people. We’ve accepted and kicked so many, we often lost count. It was a constant revolving door. As a result of instability, the Team had a very rocky start. Our success was not even remotely close to what XT II has accomplished in its 35+ wars (unbeaten streak). But along the way we started picking up good/loyal players. Some of the key players in the beginning that we added were Pandz and Monster Wrangler. Both were not strong at the time, but my belief is always to add like minded people. People that will fit in. Not necessarily the strongest but the ones you can count on and be loyal no matter what. The team had a lot of ups and downs, but my key people stuck with me for better or worse. Shortly after, we’ve added a few more loyal players like Charlie Candy and Ali. I’m mentioning these names as these are people who stuck with me during our difficult times when the team struggled to establish consistency and stability, especially in winning wars.

During our first race as a Team, LifeGoesOn, who was very competitive, started gemming a lot. I’ve privately told him to slow down as he will end up burdening the load for the entire team. Since he was gemming, it forced me to gem as well. Between the two of us we had over 60K points. He had over 35K and I had over 29K. The rest was not even remotely close. I was okay with my gemming but Life says he was too, but really he wasn’t. He got frustrated at those who were not participating. He berated the entire team for not doing more like he was. It was very negative and the Team was feeling discouraged because they couldn’t keep up with Life’s and my gemming. I kept quiet for most of the time as to not step on Life’s toes as he is my partner. We created this team together. He had as much right to run the team as I did, even though I was the designated Lead.  However, I’ve always tried my best to diffuse the negativity and turn it into positive by encouraging the team instead of putting them down.  We ended up winning first place in our race. However, it came at a heavy prize. Life never let go of his frustration and kept going back and alluding to the fact that he spent many dollars in gem packs just to win. I had reminded him that it was his choice and I warned him about it and he kept telling me he was okay, but in the end he wasn’t. Life ended up leaving the team and ML completely, as he never was the same after the race. He was a great guy and a good friend but the race changed him and his competitiveness got the best of him.

The loss of LifeGoesOn was huge as he was a guy I heavily leaned on to direct the Team with me. I could always count on him. Luckily for me, after his departure, I had player in the Team that stepped up. His name was Pandz. He was the quiet type. Didn’t say much but very helpful in every area. He did all of his wars and was very dependable. I eventually made him Co-Lead. Along the way we also added another person by the name of Ben. Ben was somewhat competitive but not a spender, unlike some of us. He was pretty much F2P. I also promoted Ben as Co-lead for his maturity and unselfish attitude.

The Team started progressing better. It had a more a positive atmosphere. To keep it that way, and seeing what happened during and after the first race, from that point on, I’ve decided war will be our priority and race will just be a bonus. We never placed 1st again, but we’ve always qualified and more importantly, the Team was in harmony. There were no bickering on who gets top individual prize. No negativity when someone doesn’t pull their weight because everyone end up qualifying and it was more of a group effort to encourage all to get the individual maximum points. There were no worries of what place we were going to end up with. Everyone was happy to just qualify in the race. I’ve instilled into the team that if we want to progress and get stronger, we must help each other to get there.

As months passed the team started to gel and became stable with the addition of more loyal players such as Jen Lancin Poulson and Shaheen, who both transferred to XT II. AlfaAlfa, moneyyyy$$$, grimes, dipso21, Mattius, Gerg, CJ, Nyan Cuties 22 and Franq joined later as well. Some had left for various reasons, some became inactive for unknown reasons, and some remained in the team.

During this time one of the key player I was able to add was EmperorPepe. He reminded me a lot of LifeGoesOn. Chatty, funny and shared the same ideals and mentality. We hit it off right away. He was very helpful. When I lost Pandz due to unknown reason that he became inactive, I’m glad I had Pepe to lean on to become my second hand man. He didn’t disappoint. Pepe has been a catalyst for the Team ever since. I’m glad he stuck around with me thru the end until the day I decided to quit.

The Team really took off in early 2018. We cracked the Top #200 in war coins globally on March 18, 2018. This is without winning another race since our first one.  However, only about 25 people were constant. I was having to replace 5 or more every war it seemed. It was getting harder and harder to recruit the right people. Around this time, I also opened up the idea for a merge. I thought by absorbing a smaller team I could finally get a stable 30 and continue our journey to the be the great War Team that I have been wanting and climb up the rankings in war coins even further.  Around this time I was contacted by this great Lead of The_Resistance by the name of VVicked. VV reminded me of me in some ways. He is very logical and sees the whole picture. Unselfish and looks after the team. He said that he was trying to find a new home for the core of his Team as he will be busy and he will not have the time to be Lead any longer. We talked extensively to see if it will be good fit. VV and I shared the same ideals. We wanted loyal players, despised race jumpers, and treat the race as a secondary goal. It was not just a good fit, it ended up being a perfect fit. The_Resistance merged successfully with XT at the end of March of 2018.

VV brought in a great group of guys from his team. One of this person is Franceschiv. “Francisco” as Jen would call him. I’ll tell you what, I have mad respect for you, Frances. For your tireless effort in keeping the team informed on everything that goes on in ML. I’ve never had the time do all those things you do. LifeGoesOn was our man that did all of that before he left and you brought back that part of the Team that was missing.  If I had another Co-Lead position obviously you deserved it.

Lastly, the one key person I want to mention and give a huge thanks to is Jen. Jen catapulted us to the next level. Jen, right or wrong, got us back into racing. I know it might sound contradictory to what people might say why I quit, but without Jen, XT would probably never have won another race. Jen is special. She sacrificed her own self by gemming freely during races. What sets her apart is that she didn’t care for or loathe for the first place individual rewards unlike others who are selfish and self-centered. She was doing it not only to win but as well as to help the team. There was no “I” or “Me”.  She is like me and handful of others in the team, gem to help the team not to try to be first individually.

I agree that races have positive aspects. Definitely. Everyone gets a ranked monster in the end. But at what cost? Every race we’ve won, there were always someone who feels entitled to get the first place individual rewards. If there were no rules in place, people would be stepping on each other and there would be chaos. Animosity would be prevalent as everyone would try to gun for first.  Those who are not fast enough on the keyboard and not aggressive would be left behind and discouraged. Only a few individuals will get all the points while the rest will get very little. There will be a huge imbalance. Is that what a “Team” is all about? No. A Team works together regardless of what event. Someone suggested that it’s a race so it should be first come first serve. That’s the exact mentality that wreaks of “me me me” first attitude. I’m sorry but, the foundation of the Team I created is not about “me” or “you”, it’s about “us”. Us as an entire Team collectively. This is not about individualism. It’s about cohesiveness and harmony. Yes, we will have bumps on the roads, disagreements here and there but we’ll always find a way to overcome them as long as everyone follow the rules and guidelines that was laid out.

The toll of all the animosity that the past races brought, including this last one, has been building up inside of me. I’ve seen good people, team players become greedy once the races came into focus. I’m not saying everyone has. The key members of the Team which I consider as VV, Franceschiv, Jen, EmperorPepe, and Xack (my son) understands the dynamics of the Team and sacrificing self for the good of the Team far outweighs the rewards the individual prizes that you get from these races. However, sadly as evident in this current race, I felt that it was no longer shared by many. I believe the success of the Team in races has shifted the ideals. The idea of being a great war team first, was thrown out the door when the races came.

Why not create a war and race team? Great concept but honestly, I don’t think it will work. To maintain a high ranking in war coins you need to do wars. You can’t do wars in your main team, when you jumped to a race team for 7 days.  Why not just stay in the same Team you asked? Yes, that is better option but a lot of people wanted to get first place in the race for the “better” rewards so creating a race Team would accomplish that goal but again at the cost of dropping in the war coins ranking.  You see you can’t have it both ways. Unless of course you are willing to have a group of people gemming like Jen. That’s’ what the top Teams have. They are majority gemmers. That’s how they can maintain to be on top of war coins and also do well in races. But, as you know even those teams at the top in war coins are not the top racers in the game. The top racers are actually well below in rankings in war coins.  Majority of them are not a good war team at all.

When managing a Team, one must see the limitation and strengths of the collective group not just a couple of people.  The people in our Team are not gemmers. We were not big spenders to begin with. Therefore, I don’t see us maintaining our good war ranking if we continue on trying to win every race.  If that is the direction that will be pursued, in my opinion, the Team will eventually fall apart. It will implode. Good, loyal people, who does not have the resources to gem will be replaced by hoppers and gemmers. Hopefully they are good loyal players that will help in wars. But, as we often saw, they usually get the race monster and leave, even during wars.

I’ve come to the realization that most everyone wants it both ways. I just do not foresee this happening given the makeup of the Team we currently have. But, some of you have the illusion that it can. Like I said the only way I see this happening is if we change probably more than half of the Team and replace them with gemmers. I for one don’t want to see that happen. I like to help people.  It brings me joy in seeing people get stronger. I like people to grow with the team. I’m happy that people who doesn’t have the resources can still be part of great war team. Be proud of a  team that has been able to rank up so high without spending so much.  Sadly, some of you don’t share that same mentality as me any longer. It pains me to see that people had a change of focus and attitude.

I reflect back and see some of you have grown stronger with me throughout our tenure. I’m very proud of that. I’ll say it again. I invest in good people. I could care less if you have a Nemesis, VIP, ranked monsters, or high MP. I’d rather take in someone who will be loyal, and team-centric and unselfish. It brings better harmony to the Team instead of divisiveness because selfish people will always put themselves first before the Team.

I really wanted to push XT to see how far we can rank in war coins. Every time I see that ranking go up I have this overwhelming proud feeling that we are one heck of a war team. I could have never phantom XT ever ranking in the Top 25 war coins. It’s quite an accomplishment and everyone should be proud for being part of it.

So, why dissolve and just let the Team continue without me? I truly wish I could. If it was any other team name, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I’ve never envisioned myself leaving my own team. A team I created, fostered, shaped, and led for over a year. But sadly, it did not turn out the way I had planned. I was not prepared to let go of XTerminators. XT has been around in many games. It’s has been a Clan/Team/Guild name in the games I have played and Led. As you know I even have a domain name with a website for it. I just can’t see myself letting that go. That is why I’ve decided dissolving the Team would be a better option.

I know the Team is disappointed they will lose the rankings, but you can look at it positively. The Team will start out new. War should be easier. Races should be easier. That’s what most of you want, right? You guys win. You got it both ways. You got what you wanted. Let me also add, for those who think creating and running a Team is easy, this is your chance to experience it. Give it a shot. I’ve left you a great team to Lead. Hopefully you will reach the same success or better than what I have done with XT/XT II.

Honestly, I know some of you don’t care about me and can easily discount what I have done and sacrificed for the Team. But I do hope some of you can at least see my point, witnessed, and appreciate my endless dedication to this Team. In the end I truly wish for all of you to succeed in the future no matter what your goals are. As for myself, I haven’t decided yet what my path will be going forward. All I know at this point is, if I do come back to Lead a Team(s), it will be back to the roots that propelled XT into the Top #200 in war coins, even without winning races.

In closing, I wish to thank all the members of XT/XT II for making both Teams the success that it was!

– Xagor/Xelot

P.S. Please don’t be upset if I did not mention your name in the post. I just named the key players and the ones that has been loyal and been with the team the longest.

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