XTerminators Defeats Top 50 Team

Posted on July 19, 2018

Today, the XTerminators were victorious in beating team Chetniks, ranked #47. It was a tough war but our guys pulled through with a solid win by earning 287 war coins vs 252 war coins. With the win, XT continues to climb the Top 200, with a current rank, as of this writing, at #174.

This was an impressive win against a tough opponent who had an MP advantage of almost 2 million. Chetniks’ MP is around 2.8M compared to XTerminators total MP of around 1M. XT’s MP rank barely makes it to the Top 1000, which is very low compared to other highly ranked teams. However, what is impressive is our rank in War Coins. In this category XT is ranked in the Top 50, sitting at #45 as of this writing.

Awesome job everyone! Keep up the good work. Top 100 here we come!

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