Upcoming Race

Posted on May 27, 2018

Hello Team. In anticipation of the next race it was decided that we try something different this time around. For those of you who have been with the team for awhile, you have witnessed the horrible matchmaking being done by SP. We have been constantly put in a pool that consist of high rank Teams that does well in races. Thus, we usually have no chance on competing/winning.
To try to circumvent this, it’s been decided that we jump to a different Team. VVicked has generously offered to us the use of a Team that he had access to.  We had a handful of our members join the team with placeholder accounts (baby accounts) to get it ready for the race. Hopefully by doing this we get better matchup and at least have a decent chance of winning the race.
With the race rumor to start tomorrow morning. Please be aware that everyone needs to switch to our designated Race Team. You will be informed on Discord and ML Chat when this happens. Please stay tuned.

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