XT Dissolved – 2/1/2021

Posted on February 1, 2021

Today marks the end of the XT Group in Monster Legends. The last remaining active team of XT played their last war today with a victory over Wojowincy, with a score of 241-76. 

I would like to thank all of those who has been part of the XTerminators since it’s inception back in 2017. I never imagined the team being as successful as it was. We started with only 1 team and eventually grew it to having 5 competitive teams. I was fortunate to have become friends and teammates with some of the best people in the game. I would like to acknowledge a few individuals who has been exceptional in the XTerminators.

First and foremost, Xack. Xack has been there since the beginning. We both came from a newb team and decided the progress was too slow for us and decided with two other teammates to create the first XT Team. Although, he may never say much in game, he is one of/if not the best tactician when it comes to war. He usually finds a way to beat the strongest opponent’s base. He takes risk. But without risks, there’s no reward.

Shoutout to EmperorPepe. the longest tenured XT Member besides Xack and I. Thank for your loyalty and taking the helm of the Main Team when I left in July. You are true XT through and through.

Gerg. One of the quietest in the group, just like Xack. But I appreciate your loyalty. You are one of the longest member of the Main Team. You have witnessed first hand our struggles and success within the team. You stuck around through all that. I really appreciate you sticking around til the end. Good luck to you if you decide to continue playing the game. Any team will be lucky to have you.

Franchesiv. One of the brightest minds in Monster Legends. I admire your competitiveness and dedication. You were a great asset when you were with us. Thank you for accepting my invitation to come back for XT’s 400th win. It means a lot to me.

Flicker/Linz. What can I say? You are one crazy person. In a good way of course. I thought I was nuts running two accounts and running multiple teams, but you are as equally crazy. I don’t know what I would have done without your help especially when XT was growing at a rapid pace. Your loyalty and dedication is immeasurable. I am forever indebted to all that you have done.

Marcel and Antiope. Thank you both for joining the XT Family. Although, we didn’t play together as long as I would have liked, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Beasties RUs, Dirk Browaeys, Theeagle00, Teddy, Tim, Gamer850194. Thank you all for joining back to be part of the 400th win. I know you guys previously quit the game or was part of another team. It’s great to see that you guys still care about XT to come back and be a part of this. It is greatly appreciated.

ZachoryDrake and Jimbobarino. Thank you both for staying in the team. Good luck at Highway 2 Hell.

In closure, I would like to thank the rest of the former XT members from Team 1 to Team 6. We had a great run. I personally had a lot of fun being part of such a big group. Good luck to everyone!  XT maybe have ended it’s run in Monster Legends, but who knows what game it will be reborn in? We shall see in the future.


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