Posted on June 12, 2020

Today, XTerminators II and XTerminators IV successfully merged. The reason for the merged was due to the difficulty of recruiting strong, active players. Most players now are looking to race. XT being a war Team put us at a disadvantage. Both teams are capable of reaching Legendary League but with the lack of consistent players, both teams are unable to stay competitive. Thus, it made sense to combine the two teams to create a strong, stable team that can hopefully be more consistent than before. With that being said, XT 4 will be temporarily shelved. The majority of the XT4 players moved into XT2. Some players from both teams were moved to the Main Team, XT V and XT VI. With this transition, although, we consolidated our team, it does not mean we not expanding in the future. We will continue to grow as soon as we get settled once again. XTerminators is not going anywhere. We are here to stay for the long run. Go XT!

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