Important News – Big Changes

Posted on February 8, 2020


We have the following very exciting news to announce today.


Today, we welcome the entire team of Come to Daddy into the XT Group! The team merged successfully into XT IV. To make room for the merge, the majority members of XT IV were re-assigned to XT II and XT V. The new re-vamped XT IV will be led by Linz’s main account. Welcome aboard everyone! We are very glad you decided to join us.


After creating and Leading XT V since September 2019, The Destroyer has announced his departure. He is leaving the game. The Destroyer has been a long member of XT. He originally started in XT II and then helped formed and run XT IV last year until he decided to lead his own team under the XT banner, that is now XT V. We wish The Destroyer the best of luck and thank him for his dedication and loyalty to the team! You will be missed!

After The Destroyer’s departure, Flicker (Linz) will take over the lead of XT V. Flicker had successfully ran XT IV since it’s inception. She is a great leader. The Team stats speaks for themselves. The team has 92% participation in wars. She has led the team all the way up into the Legendary League. With Flicker leading XT V, I’m confident that the team will continue to be in good hands.


Since most of the players from Come to Daddy are familiar and settled with FB Group, it has been decided that their group be renamed XTerminators. All are welcome to apply into the Group. We will use this platform for anyone who are comfortable in FB instead of Discord. The link is under the Menu Social – FB Group. You can go here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/353417191972642/

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