XTerminators Thwarts Revolution Valkyrie!

Posted on August 15, 2019

XTerminators just had an epic battle with Revolution Valkyrie, the number 1 ranked team in Monster Legends. It was a hard fought battle. XT was a huge underdog and faced an insurmountable obstacle ahead of them. But, XT prevailed in their efforts. No, XT did not defeat the mighty RV. But XT was able to prevent them from getting a perfect score! 😀

Thanks to our mighty hero, Franchesiv. His one and only sole defense for the entire team saved XT from an already devastating loss and gave the team a reason to celebrate. RV lost one attack! The guy who lost to our brave warrior is probably kicking himself by now. Thanks Chococake!

Good effort everyone. Hold your heads up. No shame in losing to the elite RV. Special props goes to Franchesiv and Zinedine, who were able to score 15 points a piece to secure XT not getting a goose egg in the war. The final score was 35-387.

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