Hall of Shame

Herein are individuals who are blacklisted from XTerminators. The old list in the forum consist of just text with the person’s IGN, level, date they were added and brief description of why they made the list. This new expansive section will actually have screenshot of their profile and more in depth explanation of why they were enshrined here. This will be updated regularly going forward. Without further ado, we present you the following inductee(s):

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  • Name: Death_Angel
  • Date Added: 6/19/20
  • Reason: This guy is here for a special reason. He is not a new member but has not been a member of XT for that long either. Mr. Know-It-All here made a statement in our Discord #advice channel, to a player asking advice, to go “somewhere else where people actually know what they are doing”. Wow! Can you believe that? Mr. Level 94-with-Mythics-as-his-strongest-monster, has suddenly become an expert in advice and assumed that the entire server of XT have no fucking clue what we are doing?

First of all, do you even realize that XT has been around for over 3 years? Of course not, because we could already tell by your profile at level 94, 15K MP that you have not played long enough to know much in this game. Because, like a noob that you are, more than likely you tried to level up as fast as you can on the adventure map, thinking that by being a high level player you will look like a “strong” player and might get respected for your idiotic, shallow, advice. Wrong Einstein. You actually look like a real noob for having such a high level relative to your low MP.

Anyway, I’m sure you had no idea that XT’s Main Team has been a constant Legendary League Team for many seasons. Every year in the Top 100 and as high as Top 15. The entire organization is well known and respected throughout the ML Community. But then again, in your naïve eyes, we, as members of this community, and according to your own words, have no clue on what we are doing. I guess all of our 330+ victories in the Main Team alone were pure luck as apparently, we have no clue on how to play this game.

Now mind you this is coming from a player who setup 3 Mythic in the war with majority Life runes and missing relics. Click here to see his brilliant war setup. Oh but let’s not forget he knows what he is doing and our entire collective server of 250+ players does not. Upon being exposed about his inept ability to make a proper defense setup, he gave a lame-ass excuse that he forgot to change them. Hello? There’s 24 hours to prep for war, is there not? What? You didn’t have time you say? Or maybe you were just so stupid that it took you 25 hours to think about a proper setup and then ran out of time like a moron that you are.

Good luck on your next team. Hope we meet you in battle. We will make sure to show you who exactly knows what they are doing. And no worries, I will make sure to chronicle it here on the website as a follow-up just to rub it in and for everyone to see how we will destroy your sorry ass.

  • Name: Nico
  • Date Added: 6/17/20
  • Reason: When face with adversity, a true warrior will muster up the courage to fight no matter what the outcome will be. In a war, you want such a person to serve by your side. Win or lose they will give it there best and never give up. Do you want a player like this on your team? I certainly do. But sadly this player is not Nico. Nico is the type who cowers at adversity with tail between his legs and cries, “..I want my mommy”. Okay maybe not, but he is certainly mince tits for leaving in a middle of a hard war. Whatever, good luck on finding a new team you quailer.