Hall of Shame

Herein are individuals who are blacklisted from XTerminators. The old list in the forum consist of just text with the person’s IGN, level, date they were added and brief description of why they made the list. This new expansive section will actually have screenshot of their profile and more in depth explanation of why they were enshrined here. This will be updated regularly going forward. Without further ado, we present you the following inductee(s):

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  • Name: An
  • Date Added: 4/1/20
  • Reason: This person asked for Legendary cell not once but twice before his/her first war. When I confronted her/him, she/he said they are from Pakistan and the website wouldn’t load so they couldn’t read the rules. Also, Discord or FB are blocked. So I said fine. Was willing to work with this person giving them the benefit of doubt due to language barrier and the issue with reading the rules. I go out of my way to accommodate and what did this person do in return? Sure enough, he/she left as soon as the war started. Did not even bother to setup a good defense. Thanks dude, really appreciate that. 

  • Name: Maky
  • Date Added: 3/26/20
  • Reason: Okay this guy was kicked because he decided it was a good idea to attack 10 times in a rage war in the first 2 hours. Like really? And get this. He didn’t pay gems to refresh his A or B teams. He used different teams for all 10. Here’s the kicker tho. He lost EVERY SINGLE ONE! It’s like WTF dude? If you win all of them, or even maybe half of them I wouldn’t be so pissed off. But you gain 0 points total! That’s a FKing goose egg! I don’t need a player that will rush their attacks just to lose all of them! Get the hell out of here and give your precious goose egg to someone else!