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How To Send/Share Stamina The Correct Way

A nice feature in Monster Legends is the ability for people to send/share stamina with their friends.  There are a couple of ways to achieve this but the "best" and most efficient way is what I will describe here. First of all to be able to send/receive stamina, you must have "Facebook Friends" who plays ML, not just ML friends.  It will only work through your friends in Facebook. Now let's get started.

Stamina can be shared via two methods as I had previously stated. One is through the dungeons. When you run out of stamina you can "ask your friends" for more stamina. Although, this method works for asking and maybe receiving stamina, it is not the advisable way. PLEASE DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY!  Don't REQUEST stamina! I will explain why.

The better way of sharing stamina is through the Adventure Map. You can do this every 12 hours

Why do you ask this is better? Well, when you request stamina, this will send a request to your friend and it will show up on their "Messages". Your friend will see the following image

The problem is, the request will show up in "Messages".  The same place you will receive usable stamina that your friends send you through the adventure map. However, if your friend keeps spamming you with request to send them stamina through the dungeon, all it does is replaces those usable stamina with this one. If you friends has the maximum 25 usable stamina here and you go ahead and request through the dungeon 5 times, your friend just lost 5 usable stamina. Optimally if everyone sends stamina through the Adventure map, everyone will always have the max amount of usable stamina for later use. Your list should look like the following, instead of the one above. So please, don't EVER use the feature to request stamina and ONLY send Stamina through the Adventure Map!