About Us

XTerminators is an active gaming group in Monster Legends. It consist of multiple teams.  The group members consist of mostly adult individuals who enjoy and passionate about the game.The team is a mixed of F2P and P2W players. We are very Team-centric. As a Team, XT helps each other in every aspect.

The group’s focus is in wars. All teams are competitive within their own Leagues. Notable accomplishments include XT Main team making it to Legendary II (Top 25) at #18. Also, XT II’s remarkable 77 winning streak before it lost it’s first war.

To be in the team, one should expect hard wars, as the team tries to get as high in rankings as possible. Unlike many teams, XT Teams will not dissolve and re-create just to get easy war coins and easy races. We are here to stay as is. We are established and proud to compete at the highest level and not just try to win easy wars. We may not win them all, in fact we lose almost as much as we win, but we will not reset so we can be in a easy league taking on easy helpless low teams.

Lastly, the Teams participate in all Monster Legends events. However, unlike most teams, XTerminators are not race focused. We do participate in races but only to get the race monster.


XTerminators originated in Mineplex and expanded in other games such as Blades and Rings, Lineage II: Revolution, Dragon City, and now Monster Legends. All of the Teams/Guilds/Clans were formed and led by Xagor with Xack Co-Leading a majority of the team.

In Monster Legends:

  • May 2017 – XTerminators created by Xagor
  • May 2018 – XTerminators absorbed another Team named The_Resistance, which was led by VVicked
  • April 2018 – XTerminators II was created
  • August 2019 – XTerminators IV was created
  • September 2019 – XTerminators V was created
  • February 2020 – Come to Daddy merged with XTerminators IV
  • February 2020 – XTerminators VI was created